Installing a wind turbine implies a series of specific stages. EOLYS will provide technical and administrative counselling all along the way.
Wind study
Wind study
To avoid pitfalls, the first essential stage in choosing a site is to estimate wind potential. If the site is near an official weather service that will supply a "wind rose", it is possible to visualize the direction and the average intensity of winds over periods ranging from a week to several years. However, if this is not possible, a complete study should be carried out which will take into account all the characteristics of the site: Its height, landscape, vegetation, nearby constructions... And it is recommended that the study be carried out at different heights in order to locate the optimum site.
Height of mast
Height of mast
The results of the wind study will make it easier to choose the height of the mast. For instance, in a low wind region, an 18 meter mast may be recommended.
We advice to built the foundations for a 18m mast, so that, a few years later, if the client wishes to change the mast, substantial savings will be made because the initial foundations will be adequate. Masts over 11 meters high may require permits, so local legislation must be checked out before any installation.
Building permit
Building permit
In France, a building permit is necessary to install a mast over 11 meters high. Four copies must be submitted to the local authority. Work can begin if no official papers to the contrary have been received three months after the initial request. Installers often know how to fill out official forms and can facilitate the administrative process for clients. Informing neighbours and obtaining their approbation is highly recommended.
As with any building project, a notice must be posted on the site. The local authorities must be informed about the opening date of the work on site, and a certificate sent to them indicating the closing of the site and the conformity of the work carried out.
Foundations and building site
Foundations and building site
EOLYS will supply fitters with a data sheet that must be followed when making the foundations. Specifications regarding the location of the electrical cabinet must be strictly adhered to in terms of its ventillation, temperature variation, hygrometry and electrical connection.
Certificate of conformity
Certificate of conformity
When the wind turbine is on site but before the meter is installed, a certificate of confirmity must be obtained from the appropriate authority. This certificate will be provided by its local representative. The meter can then be installed and the turbine connected.
The overflow of electricity
The overflow of electricity
The overflow of electricity produced can be sold to the network.
The distributor or the fitter will provide his client with all the support necessary when establishing the overflow repurchases contract.
EOLYS has a completely new approach to the small wind energy market by providing its distributors and fitters with assistance and training programmes.
Visit of the production plant
When a fitter or a distributor is interested in the EOLYS' Metronome wind turbine range, he is invited to visit the production plant, in particular the assembly workshop and the wind turbine on site.
These visits are combined with an initial technical training programme which takes on board questions related to the various types of wind turbines, to technological choices, to the treatments and materials used and to the electronics of the wind turbine.
Commercial training
EOLYS provides commercial training courses to enable the distributors and fitters to know all what's to be known about the Metronome wind turbine.
After the commercial training course, EOLYS provides a hands-on technical course: Fitters are put in the practical situation of completely assembling a wind turbine, both its mechanical and electrical parts.
When the tasks are successfully carried out, eolys delivers an authorization which enabes its holder to install EOLYS wind turbines.
technical advice
Technical advice is available for installers and distributors in their dealing with clients.
Apart from transport, the parts and installations of the Metronome range are guaranteed five years.
In addition, the software developped by EOLYS makes it possible to monitor each wind turbine installation by remote control.
EOLYS will provide customers with all the information and documents they may need.