EOLYS produces small and medium wind-turbines for private households, local farms and town facilities... Having joined its R&D Department to a confirmed manufacturer with more than thirty years experience in the advanced sectors of aeronautics and telecommunications, most of the wide range of techniques and know-how used in the design and construction of their products are based on state-of-the-art technology.
EOLYS guarantee the quality and follow-through of their wind turbines from R&D through construction, assembly and on-site installation with after-sales services of maintenance and technical assistance.
EOLYS Research & development
Research & development
The experience gained in the small and medium wind turbine market and the problems encountered with technology currently available have given EOLYS engineers the edge thanks to the development of proprietary technology and design which offer maximum efficiency even with low winds.
The design of our generator and nacelle units for instance are based on decades of mechanical engineering experience in the fields of aircraft and automotive technology and our electrical engineers, specialists in power electronics and process control in real time, have developed the electronics and automatic control of the wind turbine.
EOLYS Design and assembly
Design and assembly
The selection and processing of materials as well as the manufacturing and assembly of high precision mechanical parts is carried out by JC BOUY SAS, a highly-reputed company in the machining of complex parts and the production of finite sets for varied advanced technology industrial sectors. The assembly, welding and wiring of the nacelle have also been undertaken by BOUY staff who have been working for many years for the aerospace and automotive industries.
EOLYS Test ground and quality controls
Test ground and quality controls
The EOLYS Metronome range has been designed in accordance with the IEC 61400 international standard. The standard sets out safety requirements concerning quality controls of the entire engineering process and spells out the requirements in design, installation and maintenance of small aero generators in specific outdoor conditions. All testing and quality controls are carried out on the production site, and the standards applied for such sensitive domains as civil and military aviation and automotive technology are applied to our products. The wind turbines of the Metronome range of EOLYS are synonymous with safety, quality, reliability and longevity.
EOLYS Installation, maintenance and training
Installation, maintenance and training
Thanks to our control over the entire process of design and construction, we can provide fitters and distributors worldwide with the advice and training necessary to ensure the installation and maintenance of its turbines.
EOLYS engineers regularly monitor the various parameters of each wind turbine installation and ensure that our customers benefit from technological innovations and software updates via our remote-controlled management interface.